What America is saying..

"I've seen a lot of magicians, but I've
never seen his equal!"
Larry King

"Outstanding isn't a strong enough word!
Everyone should see him!"
President Ronald Reagan

"Jason Randal is magic's unequaled
master!" Ruth Robinson
The Hollywood Reporter

"The best entertainment investment
we've ever made!" Kenneth Griffin,
Director External Affairs, AT&T

"Clearly the best magician
and mentalist of our time!"
Richard Nanula CFO, Amgen Corp.

"Exceptionally talented -
incredibly entertaining!"
Woody Allen

"Jason's ideas dominated the talk at our annual meeting!"
Marck DeMichele, CEO , Arizona Public Service

"Jason made us look like geniuses for selecting him!"
John Zucker, Senior VP,
Mitsubishi America

"Jason Randal is the
Michaelangelo of Magic!"

Denis Bovin, Vice Chairman, Bear Stearns

"Jason Randal is the definition of first class!"
Winston Cox, President, Showtime Television

"Randal is clearly in a league of his own!"
Mervyn LeRoy
Legendary director of The Wizard of Oz

"Jason Randal's captivating humor, magic, and good natured ribbing of top management made our annual event a resounding success!"
Walt Rosebrough, CEO, Hill-Rom Company

"Jason's effect on an audience is unbelievable!. His rapport with our large group earned him a standing ovation!"
Carol Gitter, McDonald's Corporation

"Jason Randal exemplifies clarity of thought and personal excitement!"
Lance Berger
Author of Deengineering the Corporation


"To label Jason Randal a magician does a disservice.
You'll think the laws of physics, nature, the universe itself
have been suspended. He's as good as Houdini was at his best!"
David Letterman

Jason with Cards

"The most baffling and impressive evening of magic I've ever experienced!"
Johnny Carson

"After receiving a standing ovation at our
annual conference, Jason demonstrated privately
for our heads of gaming. He's banned from
casinos on all of our properties."
Steve Bollenbach,
Co-Chairman and CEO, Hilton Hotel Corporation

"When I want to entertain entertainers, I call Jason Randal!"
Norman Lear

"Keeping 1000 people's attention is no easy task,
but Jason does it with
great panache!"
Padget Kaiser, Director Corporate Services,
Southern California Edison

"Jason Randal is without a doubt the finest in the world at what he does!"
Michael Jackson, renowned radio talk show personality

"Jason Randal implanted
skills we'll use today,
tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives!"

Maurice Hughes, Senior VP Transamerica Corp

"As a mentalist, perhaps only Orson Wells was in Jason's league. After a career in television, Randal has my endorsement. He's simply the best I've ever seen!"
Merv Griffin

"The most interesting, valuable, and entertaining presentation I've ever attended!"
Bill Mortenson, Chairman and CEO
First Federal Bank of California

"I consider Jason to be the very best of
the very best!"

Aaron Spelling

"You must experience Jason Randal in
person to realize magic can even be done that well!"

ABC Eyewitness News

"A true master of his art, Jason is the most extraordinary entertainer I've ever worked with!"
Colin Cowie

"Want exceptional entertainment for a hard to please audience, I have one recommendation-
Jason Randal!"
Mark Kaufmann, Sr. VP, Chase Manhattan Bank

"Jason Randal's outstanding presentation at the Kennedy Library will be an evening remembered for many years!"
Edward Bickford, Sr. VP State Street Research

"From sales events to international conferences, Jason consistently deliveres the highest level of entertainment and training!"
Tom Tarasoff, General Manager, Hewlett Packard

"Jason Randal's skills defy science! He remains the best presenter our conference has ever had!"
Bruce English, President, Bay View Financial

"Jason's blend of magic and humor produced
the most memorable conference in 25 years!"
Cheryl Ferguson, Director, Operator Services
Southwestern Bell

"Jason WOWed them! He electrifies a room!"
Kim DeVillers, Manager Corporate Events
Countrywide Financial

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